GOOD WORK SENSE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to serve as your career development resource in the following three ways.....

CAREER SEEKERS.  Need to get unstuck in your career or your job search? We show you how to get your career life together  with our Resume Make-Overs, Mock Interviews, Coaching Calls, 30 Day Career Mentoring and other coaching services especially for you. Start moving forward by doing these 2 things for yourself right NOW ...First visit our Work Sammich blog here and sign up to get new posts with tips you need to know.  Next, sign up now for one of our amazing one-on-one training and coaching sessions to get your career tools on point right here on our Contact Us page.       

EMPLOYERS, hiring managers and employment services. Need a positive impact on your bottom line? We will train your new hires in universal "soft skills" sometimes referred to as work ethic skills.  If you want to equip your employees with the potential for greater responsibility, longevity, promotion and support for growing your business...Visit Soft Skills Workshops for info.

CHURCHES, AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS,  we know that recent grads, people re-entering the job market or career transitioners, who get coaching in the specific career advancement skills and tools that we offer, gain immediate results plus the potential for greater lifelong success than their less-equipped peers.  Millennials can gain career momentum sooner, leading to earlier financial independence. Minimum wage earners can break the low wage, dead-end job cycle and gain greater financial stability for themselves and their future generations. That's huge!  Partner with us! Reach us via our Contact Us page.