soft skills workshops - game changers for your organization

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You mean work ethic is not just common sense?...

According to the latest data on human resources and workforce development, employers in every industry complain that employees have challenges with basic "soft skills" sometimes referred to as work ethic, employability skills, emotional intelligence quotient EQ, or social skills such as...

  • team work with co-workers and supervisors
  • appropriate communication and appearance
  • good decision making and problem solving
  • personal integrity
  • initiative and self-motivation
  • positive attitude



So, soft skills coaching, is that really a thing?

Oh, yes it is! We know that just like common sense, soft skills are not something we're born with -- we learn them, so they are teachable. But employers aren't in the business of teaching these critical skills, they need new hires to be productive and ready to go.

That's where we come in. We offer  fun, effective workshops that equip participants with the soft skills sought after in today's workforce. Our workshops are designed for participants to adopt mindsets and behaviors required in order to have a positive effect on their employers' bottom line, productivity, return on investment, leadership, longevity and advancement in the workplace.


OK, but does this make sense for my organization?

Small businesses, public agencies, HR managers, community service organizations, non-profits -- if you prepare job seekers or you hire them,  this will work well as the missing piece in your existing training programs or new hire orientation.  

Whether you offer college career counseling, millennial job training,  GED prep, government assistance,  church young adult fellowship,  student life skills, workforce re-entry guidance, this can make a lifelong difference for those you serve.  Contact us to learn how we can help you.